Fort of Kaab Bin Ashraf

Fort of Kaab Bin Ashraf

These are the ruins of the fortress of Cub bin Ashraf, a very wealthy Jewish poet who aroused great hatred for the Prophet (ﷺ) and Muslims. He was born here in 3AH. He was killed at the command of the Prophet (ﷺ).

Kaabbin Ashraf Fortress ... Bani Ka`b ibn al-Ashraf built this fort to protect it from enemies. This allows the fort to retreat in the event of a war or emergency. No excavations or excavations of the monument hidden beneath it have been seen in this historic site since the Jews of Baninadir left Medina. The fortress is about 33 meters long, the walls are 4 meters high and the thickness is meters.

It is constructed of huge stones that are connected to each other. And the sides of the fortress are destroyed from among 10 different measuring chambers, the upper part. The roof of this fortress can be removed by the Jews of Vaninadir when they leave the city at AH and blow up in the third or fourth year. The fortress of their house, and the building of this fortress, could not undermine it, and the siege is used within this fortress for war and night. On the south side next to the fortress is a small fountain next to the wall of the south fortress, about 60 centimeters from the south and east towers.

It is surrounded by 3m x 40cm stones. Fortress owners can get water from the stone steps that extend from the inside of the fortress to the fountain of the water mirror. The job of the tower next to the fountain is to protect the purified water in terrifying situations.

Its Location

It is 6.8 km away from Masjid e Nabwi here are some remains of Fort.

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